Standalone operation of GHI USB module

I am new to this forum. I want to now if the GHI modules, specifically USB host module (USBHT-GM-270 - can act standalone or need specifically the MCU to work. I have an IOIO (PIC24F) board that accepts UART connection. I also have a USB device (Sensor) that has a CP2102 chip (to act as USB device). The USB device communicates @ 112500 baud rate and can log data in windows after installing CP2102 drivers.
Now the question is whether it is possible to connect this CP2102 USB device to GHI USB host module to get the UART at another end that can be received by IOIO board (See the attached figure) . Since in forums it has been mentioned that USB host module supports FTDI, SILABS and PROLIFIC USB devices and also supports USB HUB functionality, wheather it is possible to directly connect the USB CP2102 device to IOIO board through GHI USB host module?? Is the USB drivers programmed into USB host Module? Can anybody reply this urgently, since I have to finish my masters project soon… Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

@ balram123 - I think you are probably going to have better luck with the USB to Serial module.

The USB host module relies on the USB Host support on the MCU and the supporting firmware running on the MCU.

Hi, Taylorza,

The usb to serial module you mentioned is a standard usb to serial converter and needs to be connected to a USB host like PC for data communication. I need a usb host to which I can connect my CP2102 usb device. two usb devices (CP2102 and usb to serial converter) cannot be connected to each other directly but only through usb host. Therefore what you suggested will definitely not work for me. Is there any other way?? The GHI usb host module appears to be only a connector and cannot act in standalone mode since it does not have a MCU on it, that can be programmed for specific usb device drivers.