Stand alone web server addressing?

So I want to put a web server on my Car computer, it’s a Panda II could be something better in the future…
I want it to be accessible, well certain pages, by anyone with Wifi, laptop, phone etc.
It will be simple, maybe a little ajax.

there would be no connection to the internet.
I assume I would need to use a static IP address

How would I set it up so people can access it?

would work?

Or even Better, ( yes the car is a 1929 Dodge :slight_smile:


Is this a serious question? If you’re only problem is what IP to use then sure will work just fine.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has directed the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to reserve the following IPv4 address ranges for private networks, as published in RFC 1918[1]:
RFC1918 name IP address range number of addresses classful description largest CIDR block (subnet mask) host id size mask bits
24-bit block - 16,777,216 single class A network ( 24 bits 8 bits
20-bit block - 1,048,576 16 contiguous class B network ( 20 bits 12 bits
16-bit block - 65,536 256 contiguous class C network ( 16 bits 16 bits

Unless I am missing something (which is always possible) if there’s no internet connectivity involved, I don’t see why those IPs can’t be used, even the value. It may not be best practices, but I would imagine it would work.

As Makla pointed out, there are some standard IPs for private use, meaning they can’t be accessed over the internet. These are what home routers/modems/access points typically will use by default.

You just need to make sure your access point is configured correctly for the range you use.

It would nice to see what you’re doing to that antique car!

May be I’m wrong, but I think you can use any IP address you want in a local network (not connected to anywhere).
But if your network gets connected to the outside world (acidentally!?) the you might cause IP conflicts on someone who ‘owns’ this IP.

Also anyone who connects to your device would have to set an IP in the same IP range (defined by the subnet mask).
They wight forget to change it back before they connect to the outside world again.

So: Make it simple and use a 192.168… network.
You could use for examle.
Your frinds just need to use any other addres in the 192.168.19. range.

Thanks Guys,
there are 2 use cases;

  1. I’m at home in my garage and I’d like it to be accessible via my home network.
  2. I’m at a car show, I want to have a sign telling people to go to whatever IP address, where they can see the web page presented by my car.
    It would have a few pictures, and some text describing it. It wold also allow ME to access the ride height controller and change it’s stance up or down…

So I just want people to be able to enter a simple IP address for the URL and get my little web page.
My problem is I don’t really know how this all works at the system level.

I mean if someone has a 4g phone and tries to enter will they see my car? Or a porn site in Malaysia?
Now I just tried here at home and got nothing, so maybe I’m safe

See the main job of this controller is to manage the ride height. The car uses air suspension with 4 corner height measurement, so I can adjust each corner independently by opening a solenoid valve.

wouldn’t that be cool?
picture attached
Yes it needs paint!

Sounds like a fun project. That engine doesn’t look original. The car looks very nice!


For someone walking by at a car show to get to the device … this is how I would go about it:

  1. Have a wifi access point with DHCP giving out an IP in that range (something like - and subnet ( (perhaps powered by the car’s battery)
  2. People would have join your network (just like if you’re at McD’s, Barnes & Nobel, etc) You could name the SSID after the car 1929 Buick, or whatever you choose.
  3. After joining, they would enter that IP address into the browser, and then the FEZ takes over.

Nice car!!! Did it come with that Golden Cola poster! :smiley:

Nope the engine is a V6 out of a '95 Firebird.
It spins a 4 speed automatic. very non original, but a lot easier to get parts for!
and I want to be able to drive it without taking out a loan for gas, so no big V8s

So just use a wireless router? Hmmmm
Is there no way to adhoc the connection??
Course I still need a way to get wireless for the onboard computer…

I like the Golden Cola sign too, Thanks!

There’s no way to ad-hoc a connection without something to maintain the ad-hoc connection. That might be a mini portable wifi AP or the GHI wifi module (when adhoc mode is supported, I think it’s close but not quite there at the moment). Ultimately, if you expect people to be able to go to a browser and type your IP address and get to your site, what they’re connected to needs to have a route to that address; if they’re only connected to their ISP/phone service, that means the IP address would need to be internet routable and owned by you, PLUS your car would need to be on the net permanently - you both have to maintain a connection to the internet. If you’re ok having them connect to your device directly (or a wifi AP connected to your device, in either AP or adhoc mode) then you can choose an appropriate address if you want.

I’d think seriously about looking at something like a TP-Link TL-WR702N, a very hackable wifi/Ethernet router that you could do this with. Connect the router to your Fez via Ethernet, allow the public to connect via wifi, and put strong security around read-only vs read-write access to ride height adjustment :slight_smile:

Thanks Brett
And everyone else
I think it’s not going to do what I want, so I’m abandoning the idea