SSL at G120

I need to use https to access some data from a webserver.
I have seeded SSL from MFdeploy, and it works ok.
I am selling controllers based on G120. It is important that these controllers do not stop working in the future.
My question is: Will this continue to work or do I get some Certificate problems later?

The only known problem is a small memory leak in SSL. With megabytes of available ram on G120, you may not run out of memory for a while, depending on your application. The easy fix is to automatically reset the device periodically. This maybe needed once a week for example.

NETMF only supports TLS 1.0 encryption. You might get problems if the server only accepts e.g. TLS 1.2. We’re looking forward to see TLS 1.2 on TinyCLR.



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I am asking for 1.3 :slight_smile: