SSH on G120E

I’m looking to implement some functionality trough ssh and am wondering if this is possible in the NETMF. since i’m not really able to find much information about the topic i’m giving it a try this way

Since MF has no console or command line functionality, why would you want SSH?

There have been loads of console, command line and telnet projects for NETMF.

@ Skewworks - I was trying to elicit additional information. Sounds like the OP wants SSH for security versus Telnet? Almost anything can be done in MF, given enough skill and time. ???

to further clarify my intention:

i have a server with which i would like to connect from my application trough ssh (for security reasons) for (among other things) a central data storage point for multiple modules.

no, really that doesn’t help. You need to better describe the architecture - is the G120E the “server”, or the “application”? And do you really just mean you want secured encrypted communications, because SSH is a very specific protocol, is there any chance you really mean SSL?

@ Brett
the G120E will have the application, the server is a Linux machine that i want to tunnel to over ssh.

i know ssh is a very specific protocol but i’m currently not looking for SSL solutions

@ Danjal - MF does not have SSH. Take a look at this library GitHub - sshnet/SSH.NET: SSH.NET is a Secure Shell (SSH) library for .NET, optimized for parallelism..

Might be easier to use to use a Beaglebone or Raspberry Pi with Mono than MF.

What are your sensor requirements?