SQLite and v4.1.5.1

I am trying to use the SQLite database on the ChipworkX board. I have the latest firmware and sdk from GHI, and I can not get even the example code to work.

I can mount the NAND storage fine, it is formatted. I can create the Database object and open it, but as soon as I run the ExecuteNonQuery with the create table the whole system locks up. I have reboot the ChipworkX into tinybooter and erase the application using MFDeploy in order to get it back.

This is the first time I have tried using the SQLite database, so i have not tried this on any other firmware.

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What code are you trying to use?

The sample code included in the GHI Electronics NETMF Library Documentation. Under Database Class

Ok, good.

Now try to use RAM instead of NAND. Don’t mount NAND at all.

Same results as before.

How is you board powered?
Try to use external power source instead of USB or a powered USB hub.

It was powered via USB, as that was convenient. So I added an external 12V adapter and I still have the same issue.

Alright. I am running out of suggestions. ;D
I haven’t try db code lately. I will try it later tonight on my Chipworkx with the latest SDK.

Thanks for the help Architect. Hopefully somebody from GHI will be able shed some light on my issue.


We have faced the same issue. We are investigating the solution.

The bug will be covered in the next release.


I face the same problem that Nandy has. Can you tell more about the next release ?

In may case, I’m finalizing a prototype that I’m working on for several month, and I have the problem til I made the firmware upgrade to v4.1.5.1.

You can imagine the problem for me knowing that this prototype has to be integrated in a commercial product soon…

Thanks for your feedback

You should lock on a certain release. For example, seems to have no problems.

I have a commercial version running, and decided to upgrade over the weekend.

Imagine my horror after hours of debugging, to find out i doesnt work.

How do we lock in a version that works?

and when do you expect a fix?


SQLite found to be broken on latest build, which we already fixed and will be online in few days.

Are you getting any closer?

SDK is done but with last minute issues it is being delayed. This is a top priority and we are trying our best.