Sqlite and flash module

I’ve downloaded the SQLite wrapper codeshare example by architect and I have a couple of questions.

First of all, the example connects with a connection string of ‘Data Source=:memory:’. Does ‘:memory:’ mean the boards built in memory?

Secondly, I would like to use SQLite with my 4MB flash module. How would I create a connection string for this? Would I need to use the flash file system?

@ Slade - It has been awhile, but here is the hint from the documentation:


[quote]Opens or creates SQLite database with the specified path.
The path could be to RAM “:memory:” or to a file “\SD\mydatabase.dat” [/quote]

Hi Architect, thanks for your reply.

I assume then that, as the FlashFileSystem has to be accessed via it’s own interface and not accessible via a URL like the SD card is, I’m guessing that it is not possible to use SQLite with a Flash Module.

On G120
Is it possible to create the SQLite on the flash.

Can you point me to a small an example to that


I never worked out a way to do it so I had to use the CD card