Spider with sometime boots with white screen

So once in a while a fez spider with with app deployed boots with a white screen. It doesn’t always happen on the same one, but it occurs on different spiders (we have approx. 150 fez spiders out in the field). After a couple of resets or switch the power off solves the problem and it starts the deployed application.

I can’t imagine this is normal behavior on

All the spiders are powered by a external power source 12v / 1 amp.

This is normal. Spider display configurations persist but they only change when you add or remove the display in the designer. And they only take effect after the second boot.

I assume they have a static known application deployed out there and it hasn’t changed of late, and this is just a behaviour you see at random times after many successful restarts, you get this one bad restart?

That’s exactly what happens, yes.

which means it’s not the display setup with a new app requiring two reboots to get the settings sorted out…

Thanks Brett, but is it by design or has someone a clue how to solve this?

This is a by design.

@ Gus - I think Patrick is saying this randomly occurs between restarts of the board. And then a subsequent restart revolves the issue.

Bad cables?

I don’t think it has to do with bad cables because the spiders are new and I’ve replaced them to be sure. It happens randomly and on different spiders.

Why not use 4.2? Or at least try it?

I want to, but till today IFU isn’t available on 4.2. :frowning: The moment IFU is available I’ll switch to 4.2 :slight_smile:

btw: we use the spiders for a RFID based reader (Terminal) And we are currently rolling out our project to 60 different locations (mostly museums) within the Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam in the netherlands.


@ Patrick - very nice


Beer museum is my favorite in Amsterdam. Too bad all restrooms are outside of that one :wink:

Very cool looking terminal!

some additional pictures. The enclosure is build around a inner module which can be serviced by a technician (IT-Guy)

Yes, the Heineken Experience is really nice indeed :slight_smile:

@ Patrick - Very cool! It’s nice to see a commercial project make the forum. We don’t get to see nearly enough of them. Nice enclosure. Good luck!

@ Patrick - which RFID board did you use?

Yeah big +1 to the congrats on a cool project that we can all see !