Spider & WiFi RS21 Module

Guys, I just bought the FEZ Spider starter kit to suplement my existing .Net Gadgeteer hardware, and although it won’t be deliverd for a couple of days I wanted to get started with some code. Everything was moving along just fine until I attempted to add the WiFi RS21 Module to the design surface within VS 2010 Pro. I got an error back stating that the module could not be loaded and a required library could not be found. Are there or SDK components needed for the Spider that don’t ship with the standard Gadgeteer SDK?



@ jamesjl - are you creating a 4.2 project as WiFi is 4.1 only at the moment.

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Justin, many thanks for your swift response. I was in a 4.2 project so I guess that’s the issue. Any idea when the 4.2 code might be released?

Pretty sure it’s high on the priority list as lots of people want/need it - so hopefully in the next release. Shouldn’t be far away.