Spider vs. G120HDR

Currently, I’m using FEZ Spider with WIFI RS21, Cellular Radio Module, J11D ethernet and USB host.
Do the G120HDR supports this modules?

(this post deals with only the hardware aspect, and not compatibility of the modules with the board)

On the Spider you have enough sockets on board to allow all the devices to be connected directly.

On the G120HDR there are only 2 non-display sockets. Further these sockets are not connected to CPU pins. To use that many Gadgeteer modules on this board, you will need to:

  1. Solder up the 2 on board sockets to the appropriate pins.
  2. Solder more sockets with one the boards below:

Thanks for replies. I’m not yet comfortable with electronic, i’m coming from .NET programming environment. I’ll order g120, and play a little step by step. I’m not actually use all these modules at the same time, but separate (wifi or ethernet or gprs).

I too have the same background (and same mainboard :slight_smile: ) Over time I’ve learned more about electronics and have become more comfortable - but no expert or even middle level :smiley:

Not sure what your budget is (so pardon if my recommendations are too expensive) or what time constraints you have

If you are looking for G120 performance, but with more Gadgeteer sockets, have you looked at the Cobra II boards?

There’s a basic version: http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/399 ($99 USD)
For an extra $50, you can get a WiFi version: http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/398 ($149 USD)

Also, when you run out of sockets and feel more comfortable with electronics, there are places on the board to solder more connectors.

I would imagine that some time in the future GHI will make a Spider II (or similar board) with a G120 instead of the EMX, but this would be off in the future.

This is interesting. If I’m correct cobra also use Premium Library?
For now, It’s just for learning purposes, so I don’t have time constraints, and budget… well, it’s christmas time, so I could buy myself a gift once a year :slight_smile:
I just explore, what could be done and where can I expect problems, if I make some commercial product in future with FEZ. I’ll also wan’t to minimize costs, if there would be some more quantites involved…

Spider is an EMX based device. G120HDR is a new G120 based device. Cobra was an EMX based device, and Cobra 2 is a G120 based device. There are plenty of options :slight_smile: All these options are Premium devices, so will have GHI’s additions to the firmware.

Personally, I would think that at the moment there’s not a compelling reason to want to move away from Spider - it’s still the primo, cream of the crop, Premium supported Gadgeteer board. It has the best number of sockets available. Eventually I would assume there’ll be an equivalent “Spider 2” board using G120, and then there might be a compelling reason to move. So I would say - it all depends on what type of work you want to do more of, whether I’d wait for a Spider2, look at a Cobra2, or get a G120HDR now. (I have a Cobra2 Wifi on preorder, can’t wait)

I think the community did a great job showing the difference but I want to explain how we see it. :slight_smile:

G120HDR is a module, rather system on module, so it meant to be used just like G120 module (the SMT version). Now, G120HDR also have few gadgeteer sockets to make developer’s tasks easier but it is not a “gadgeteer mainboard”. G120HDR may even be a module that live inside a product, just like G120.

If you are an experienced hardware developer and will be connecting a lot of “wires” then go with G120HDR but if you are planning on using “gadeteer modules” then we recommend a “gadgeteer mainboard”, like FEZ Spider.

You can make any (most) gadgeteer modules work with G120HDR but it is for advanced users typically…or if you like a callange :slight_smile: Soldering iron is required.
On the other hand, you can also add all kind of “wires” to Spider through breakout modules. Never need to use a soldering iron.

In summary, both boards will do whatever you want, but one is more gadgeteer-user-friendly and the other is more flexible and advanced.

Much clearer now. Thank you all.

May be I’m asking very often answered question, but how G120 differs compared to EMX in processing power ?
Is G120 a lot faster than EMX ?

Not sure if anyone ran this on a G120:


"Calculate 20 digits of PI

Mountaineer USB - 1.4 sec
FEZ Hydra - 2.6 sec
FEZ Cerberus - 3.4 sec
ArgonR1 - 4.6 sec
FEZ Spider - 10.5 sec

Calculate 200 digits of PI

Mountaineer USB - 02:36
FEZ Hydra - 04:43
FEZ Cerberus - 06:32
ArgonR1 - 08:52
FEZ Spider - 20:13"

@ mhectorgato - Interesting compare … thanks, may be someone has run on GH120…

Why does the mountaineer USB board blow the Fez Cerberus out of the water so badly?

I noticed! both have the exact processor so something is not right. We use RVDS, they use MDK but that couldn’t cause it to be that far.

Do you have the hardware FPU enabled?