Spider Update Procedure?

Before I update my Spider I want to make sure I am know what I am doing… or at least as far as the Spider.

The TinyBooter has not changed with the latest release, so I only need to update the firmware.

To put the device into TinyBooter mode, put switch 2 and 4 into the on position, power on, and use MFDeploy to load the new firmware.

Restore the switches to the off position, repower and be amazed on how simple it was.

Thanks for the hint. It was on my todo list. ;D

Mission accomplished!

I followed the procedure I described in my original post and it worked.

The only other step that was required was reentering the MAC address into the network configuration using MFDeploy. The MAC address is on the EMX module that is on the bottom of the Spider mainboard.

Of course, I deleted and put back all the GHI references in my projects.

I also had to redo the touch screen calibration.

Where exactly do we get the updated firmware to do this?

Thanks! --nick

The new sdk is ready. We will make it public tomorrow. It has everything you need

Thanks Gus! Amazing response time!


Hmm… Trying to update the spider. After setting 2,4 to on and powering it up MFDeploy doesn’t see anything on USB. Any suggestions?

The sdk is late because we added a program that does the firmware for you.

Sorry guys, tomorrow before noon for sure. We want this to be a great experince to everyone.

Those switches are really small. I did have to double check they were fully engaged with slight magnification, as I didn’t feel a noticeable click when moving them, if that makes any sense. issue


@ architect - looks like that isn’t your issue from Gus’ post.

You shouldn’t need to move any switches for this update as TinyBooter was not changed. You only need ot connect USB cable and click deploy on MFDeploy

Thanks Gus for reminding me about the spider cheat card. I was using wrong switches. That was the problem.