Spider / T35 / Glide / Touch : Actions are triggered without touching screen!

Hi guys,

I have a strange behavior on my Spider using glide on a T35 display.

It looks like “touch” events are triggered without anyone actually touching the screen.

Have you already seen such a behavior, and if yes if there any fix to this ?

Thanks a lot.


There was once a problem with touch signals when also using an Analog port. Not sure if that’s still around or if you’re even using an Analog along with your touch.

Yes, I use 3 analogs input ports and also 4 PWM outputs.

That might be your problem. Could you make a quick test project using only the touch screen and see what that does? If that is the issue, I think you’ll either need to use registers foe touch screen or wait for a firmware fix because that would be the devices fault and not Glides