Spider SPI... how far can it go?

If one needed to connect 10 SPI devices to a Fez Spider, would a secondary board that uses a series of ports be the way to go? Also, could this board sit atop the Fez Spider and still have access to the reset switch?

In terms of reset switch, you can always mount a board on the underside to keep your reset and plugs free. Not sure what board you could use yet.

@ William, Nah, I would need a topside mount.

What would be the difference? Just curious.
In any event, you could always just make your standoffs tall enouph to get your finger in. Or make a hole in the top board with a manual button that pushes on the reset below. That kind of thing is done with PCs and other case equip all the time.

@ William, I suppose you’re right, anyways I could always do a power cycle to reset the thing.

If you do custom board, you can add an extra connector for Z socket. This will give you access to the reset pin.

Which pin is the reset pin on the Z socket?
EDIT: Nvmd, pin 3 to gnd right?