Spider RTC Namespace in SDK 4.2

in the 4.1 SDK the namespace of the spider RealTimeClock was GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware. I could not find the RealTimeClock in the 4.2 SDK. Is there another namespace or is the function not longer supported. If so, is there another way to set and read the RealTimeClock?
Thanks in advance

Look in the GHI.Premium.Hardware namespace.


Thank you,
yes, it is there! Curiously I didnt see it in the IntelliSense function when I tried it the first time. Now it is there. May be I typed something wrong.

OK, I thought it was only me. I couldn’t see it in IntelliSense either the first time. Now I know it wasn’t me.

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@ Steven - Confused a bit I am as I also see the RTC class in 4.2 OSHW. It’s in both open source and premium, no?

@ David@ Emrol - lol