Spider "not recognized" ... old topic, no solution

Hi all,

I have a Spider, which I successfully updated to 4.2. The device worked fine, but now (after some weeks of being shutdown in a box) it is not recognized via usb anymore.
The device does not boot with power attached to DP (only shows “waiting for debug”). No Jumper Position will get it recognized via usb… My Notebook always states “device not recognized”. Devicemanager shows unknown device. Serial mode won’t work either. MFDeploy does not display the device in any mode.
I’ve tested the DP with my ghi Webcam already. The Webcam also is not recognized.
Does that mean my DP is broken for sure?


Hmm. So I Need to get a new DP-Module to figure it out…

I’d swap USB cable that you’re using on the DP, plus the Gadgeteer cable, and see if those make a difference. I’d also inspect the small pins on the Gadgeteer header to make sure none are bent or damaged.

But if none of that shows an issue and the camera still isn’t recognised, then the DP module is at fault.

Thanks! I will give those instructions a try…

Ok. I’ve checked all of the above. DP is broken for sure. I will go and get an SP connector. Thanks!


DP is broken for sure

I doubt it. It is a pretty hardy little module.

I would suggest that you connect to a different USB connector on your PC if possible.

If you have another connector switch to it and you should see the driver loading if the connector was not used before. Be sure to wait for the driver to finish loading before doing anything else.

Open the Control Panel, Device Manager and you should see the ‘Debuggable .Net Micro Framework Device’ if the driver has loaded.

See the attached image.

I’ve changed USB cable, I’ve changed USB-Port, I’ve changed to a another powered HUB, I’ve also changed to another PC and even swapped my OS… Nothing.
The module isn’t recognized, nor is the “webcam” working…
The dp module is my best guess, since the webcam test is also failing. If it is not the dp, the Spider itself must be a brick. We will see soon!
The most interesting part is, how it could die, without being used or powered over weeks!


If your DP module is really broken, you will be the very first one I think, congratulations :slight_smile:

Please contact us or your distributor for a replacement.

Thanks! :wink:

Today my SP was delivered… It works like a charm with the same cable! I will contact my distributor regarding the DP.
But the best thing is, that i can go ahead developing my kitcars custom dashboard…
I took the chance to buy some more cool gadgets, like rfid reader… This will be the coolest immobilizer ever! :wink:

Thank you guys for support!