Spider Kit Rack

Working with the GHI Spider Kit, I wanted a way to fabricate a platform to organize all the Spider Kit modules for testing and prototyping.

Used my childs ERECTOR set to fabricate the “Spice Rack” to host all the Spider Kit modules. They are attached using a simple combination of “twist ties” (free at your local grocery store) and “plastic cable ties” (for a more permanent connection).

The camera is mounted at the top on a swivel connection, and the T-35 Display is mounted at an angle for easy viewing. Below the T-35 Display are the two multicolor LEDs. Further below are two buttons, a SD Card, an Ethernet connection and a joystick.

This allows all the modules avaialble for testing and prototyping. It also allow one to break down the platform to fabricate another prototype. Hopefully, this kind of low cost fabrication might be of value to those of you that have your Spider Kit spread out and sliding all over your desk. By the way, the rack sits on two-side rubber mat so that it does not slide.

The first objective is to fully exploit all and master the various GHI module features to better understand how to integrate them into a more complex application and permanent fabrication in the future. Where am I? In the very early stages. Pressing the left buttion blinks the three colors on the left dislay, takes a picture, display the image, and provides an option to save the image to the SD Card by touching the screen. Same is true for right Button, lights the right LED, etc. Next step, of many steps, is to create a more robust touch screen experience, provide full SD file maintenace (e.g., inquire, add, delete, modify, browse) and connect to the Internet (Azure). As a result, the disposable rack will evolve and provide cost effective value.


This is sweet! I just posted about it when I saw the image you loaded to wiki.


Awesome work Bob!


Spider Rack V2.0
Here is version 2.0 of the Spider Rack. The goal is to have all modules within easy reach to simply plug & play them with the Spider main board depending on the project at hand. The enhancements include:
[ul]The addition of the Tamiya 70172 Universal Plate (201x160mm) and stand offs. As luck would have it, the Universal Plate fits perfectly on the rack. It simply dropped into place. Different size plates would be useful. For instance, the T-35 display and Camera uses cable ties to connect it to the erector set. [/ul]
[ul]The camera now rotates 360 degrees along the X and Y axis.[/ul]
[ul]The T-35 display sits higher and tilts 180 degrees along the Y-axis for ease of viewing.[/ul]

Permanent Modules
All my projects happened to be internet focused. Therefore, the permanent modules are the Spider main board, usbClient, RS21 WiFi, SD card reader and the T-35 display. Therefore, I am evolving a common reusable software framework that incorporates these modules e.g., for clock synchronization, web server, logging, display, etc. This framework then forms the basis for new projects. The objective is to connect the various gadgets back into the Microsoft cloud (Azure).

Optional Modules
The other modules are optional and are dependent upon the project I happen to be working on. e.g., LEDs, buttons, light sensor, temp/humidity, barometer, joy stick, etc. This new layout gives me the flexibility to easily plug and play modules as I go along. New modules are finding find theirway onto the rack as I experiment with other projects e.g., IR , Potentiometer, Bluetooth, etc.


Spider Rack Version 2

Looks great!

nice work…

@ Architect -
It was everyones input the other day regarding protoboards, standoffs, etc, that got me started. This is a new space for me, ordering 4-40 screws, protoboards, standoffs, and telling my grandson that I will buy him a new erector set. He will never see the old one again.

@ Bob

Nicely done. Looks like a great rig for demos and prototyping.

@ devhammer -
Thanks, it is simply a practical way to keep everything organized, and ready for easy modification for most ideas I might dream up. Dont think I would take it out for public consumption, someone might mistaken it as some kind of rube goldberg “gadget”. ha. ha.

@ Bob - Looks great! Add a servo or two to the camera and you’ll really be in business. :slight_smile:

How about some motors and wheels for the base?

Something in my gut warned me “they are going to want you to automate that puppy.” Sounds like Spider Rack Version 3.0. :wink: