Spider II v1.0 G120E problem with upload bootloader

I’ve stuck with updating bootloader v2.0.4. I do all steps from the link and received message “File Transfer Finished Successfully” but after switch to v2 bootloader (switch #1 - on, switches #2,3,4 - off) in Tera Term can’t enter any commands.

hi @Alexmx,

Did you select the correct COM port that’s visible under Device Manager? Can you also tell us what parameters you used, baud rate etc?

Also. Can you confirm what step you were up to in that document? If you’re talking about the output at Step 11, don’t you now need to set your switches differently and no longer use Tera Term, but deploy the firmware with TinyCLR Config? (as per http://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/loaders/ghi_bootloader.html)

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Thank you for the answer. I understand my problem. Everything was ok with uploading bootloader. Main difference between V1 and V2 in TeraTerm is need to press Enter after command (for example command ‘V’ + Enter). And thank you for the link. I succesfully upload new firmware and check my board with TinyCLR Config.