Spider hung after testing simple UDP code


I just had an interesting experience, I connected the J11D Ethernet module wrote 4 lines of code in the ProgramStarted function to create a UDP socket and send a single byte. On my desktop I have a little client App that listens for the data and displays it.

I ran the NETMF client twice and everything worked and then horror struck, my Display module just turned white and that was the end of it. I tried everything, but my PC was not seeing the Spider on the USB port.

I tried the following

  1. Switched between 3 different USB ports (1 on a powered USB HUB)
  2. Changed the spider to Loader mode, this did cause the driver to install when plugged into a different USB, but still the PC could not see the Spider.
  3. Rebooted the PC and tried 1 and 2 again
  4. Tried to run the firmware updater, but it just error’d out saying the device was not connected.

Finally, I went to the ‘Computer/Properties/Device Manager’ and disabled the GHI com port, which was at COM 5 a this stage, and then re-enabled it. Suddenly everything came back to life. I am not sure it this was just co-incidence, but it did seem to do the trick.

I saw that a few others have experienced this as well, but I did not see anything conclusive as to what caused the problem. So I hope this is able to help someone else or prove that it was just coincidence that the problem was resolved after the the disable/enable of the port.


Remove the display for now. then try to force GHI loader. Do you see anything in device manager?

Hi Gus,

The problem was resolved by disabling and then re-enabling the GHI COM Port, do you still want me to try this?