Spider gone crazy!

Plugged Spider in and this is what I see. This is some crazy Spider.


Sigh, more money going out of my wallet…O well I’m sure stale bread and mouldy cheese won’t hurt my hungry children for too long :smiley:


Gus, I think you need to send me one of those Spiders, I will be happy to help see what is making it go crazy. I won’t even charge you :slight_smile:

As you mentioned a while ago GHI is working on something that a lot of People are waiting for I thought "Hmm, could be a G120 Gadgeteer board, like Spider II!?"
Looks like my mind was quite right :wink:

This makes me verry happy, because I don’t have to change my plans now (I did not have in mind using a Gadgeteer board)

Sweet. I think you should call this one Boris as in Boris the Spider.

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sweeeeeeet, me love crazy :slight_smile:

Lol, one of the Who’s more interesting creations :smiley:

Looks really nice. From what I gather the G120 is a big step up. When’s it available and how much ? :smiley: I have no self control

Guys, you are all spoiling it by telling Gus it is a G120. I was hoping he still thinks it is a Spider gone crazy and he gives up and sends it to me to take a “look” at…

Can’t blame a nerd for trying.

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I programmed it to do that. How did you get my Spider??? Please send it back. :wink:

I use that reference all the time and people just look at me funny … but then again they look at me the same way even if I don’t use it …

Typically when someone says ‘Boris’ to me the first thing I think of is Boris Badenov Boris Badenov - Wikipedia and his lovely partner Natasha Fatale (ya I’m old), but when you add spider to it, then definitely Boris the Spider kicks in.

When do we see this on the catalog ?