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Spider FFT test


I test FFT in spider using manage code.

Main Board: Spider.
Sensor : Accelerometer on soldermonkey’ IMU module.
Sampling Rate: 50Hz


Sample numbers Processing Time(seconds)
512 2
1024 5
2048 11
4096 24


FFT in managed code is always an interesting one. Maybe some native helpers can be added so such tasks.


So, will GHI add the FFT in your Native SDK?


possible, if we know what exactly to add as we only add generic features that benefit everyone.


Expect to see a native DSP library in the NETMF Community Ports collection soon. It should take advantage of a Target’s FPU if available.

Sometimes I step back and notice how silly it is that we’re using these 200 Mhz processors to sit around and blink LEDs. It’s time to get some native libs written up that can accomplish some serious work. As a grad student, I’ve been swamped with finals, but as soon as they’re over this week, I’m planning on doing a lot of work to the repo…


It’s easy, when working with NETMF, to get a skewed idea of how powerful these processors are. A 200 MHz Cortex-M is a very powerful piece of hardware!