SPIDER displayMode Management on WPF Screen

I’m creating a project on SPIDER & DisplayT35…
I have a WPF Screens + icons + Button events Status & Timer event displaying date & Time…

My need : How do we realise the displayMode Management ??

I tried :
My_WPF_Window.Visibility = Visibility.Visible;
My_WPF_Window.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;
My_WPF_Window.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;
But it doesn’t work & I don’t know why …

I would like to realise the same Screen management than the one which is running perfectly on my Panda II

displayMode = FEZ_Components.FEZTouch.DisplayMode.Normal;

displayMode = FEZ_Components.FEZTouch.DisplayMode.Dim;

displayMode = FEZ_Components.FEZTouch.DisplayMode.Off;

Thanks for Help :’(

The code made for fez touch doesn’t work on anything else.

Yes, the SPIDER has native graphics instead of Panda II who need special driver …

But I would like to be able to switch off the display for economy & live saving and I don’t succeed in…
Please help

There is capability in hardware to turn the backlight off. I thought this was added on current SDK. If not, it will be in next SDK.


Hi Gus,
Assuming it’s been added to the API, how do you turn the backlight off for a T35 display?

here you go:


you will need teh latest SDK.


Thanks very much Gus! As you said, I just needed to update the API. Is there a way to dim the screen as well?

What’s the best way to search for things like this in the API?

You can dim it using PWM or output compare. We currently do not support that but you can add it.

Thanks for your reply, I’m an obvious noob. In a professional sense I write vb.NET stuff, pretty UI’s, lots of data analysis, C# is new to me but fairly easy to pickup, the entire concept of hardware manipulation is something I’m trying to learn on my own from scratch (well, with generous help from this community and others).

I’m learning a lot about code efficiency and realizing the difficulties of even simple designs, for instance, my Temp&Humidity Module is about 2 degrees off because of the heat coming off the USB power module.

Anyway, thank you for your time, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: