Spider Display not working

Hi I have purchased a Fez Spider and the display will only show a solid white screen when power is applied. The conections have been checked and double checked and this is all that ever happens. There has never been any messaged displayed on startup. A powered USB hub has been used to ensure enough power. Firmware updates have been applied.

The kit was purchased through Australian Robotics.

Hi Chuck,

did you run one of the tutorial programs?



What power module are you using? Try to connect the spider directly to the computer if you are using USB only.

thanks Guys,

I have gone through the getting started tutorial for the camera project. I originally had issues with the button module not working, so I performed the firmware upgrade. The buttons are now working along with the led components. It was not until I was trying to take a picture and view on the display that I have noticed the issue.

I originally ran the spider from only the pc, but when this was not working I saw on the forums to try a powered USB hub. I have the same results either way.

The gadgeteer core disables the display if you do not add it int eh designer. Did you add it? Did you reset the board after?

The display will show some messages on power up.

Gus, I have added the display through the designer. The designer adds the connections in the program.generated.cs. I have recreated the project several times an always get the same result. I have tried the reset button but it appears not to make any difference. No text is ever displayed on boot.

We are adding a wiki page to troubleshoot the display. Till then, maybe inspect the RGB sockets to see if something look suspicious. Another option is to ship it back for a replacement but this can be expensive depending where you live.

did you moved back the dip-switches to the start position on the spider board as described
at the firmware update process?

The Gadgeteer Display Troubleshooting guide is now avaible here: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Gadgeteer_Display

After following these steps, please let us know if you are still having problems with the display!

Feel free to ask any questions you have following the guide.


Would it be helpful to mention touch calibration?

Hi Guys, sorry for taking so long to reply but I was away on work without the spider.

I have gone through the trouble shooting guide, with no success. As soon as power is applied to the spider the display turns white (full screen). No other messages are displayed, and no change occurs when running the code in the guide when the screen is touched.

The dip swithces are all in correct position after the firmware upgrade.

I have attached a picture of the display displaying the full white screen.

Though I can not distinguish the switch positions but here are mine

That is the same position as my switches.

When you run this code

if (SystemMetrics.ScreenHeight == 0 || SystemMetrics.ScreenWidth == 0)

Does it call ResetDisplay()?

I assume you have tried a different set of cables with the display?