Spider deployment strangeness

Hi Guys
I’ve been working on an RFID breadboarded module for a while now (whenever i can squeeze time in) that displays ID tag numbers on the T35. I have one issue though. my code works fine if i am debugging (connected via USB) and also if i build in release mode and deploy it all works fine. However, when i disconect from the PC and reboot the spider it just seems to hang. Its probably something fundamentaly simple that i am missing but any advice would be welcome.

When you disconnect from the PC how are you powering the Spider? First thing to consider is an insufficient power problem.

Normally I disconnect the USB stop the debugger the reconnect. Is that bad practice?

I always stop the debugger and leave it connected. Unless I"m unplugging something there is no need to remove it from USB, the action of starting and stopping the program will cause the Spider to reset.