Spider UDP Issue

Hello guys,
I finally found sometime and started working on the UPnP framework again, while the framework worked perfectly on 4.1, and now when I upgraded to the latest and greatest the following UPD call (last call in code below) throws an exception, which doesn’t allow me to join a Multicast group to start monitoring the UDP traffic properly.

any idea if this is a known issue?

            //To Monitor the UPnP Traffic
            // Join Multicast Group
            var multicastOpt = new byte[] { 239, 255, 255, 250, 0, 0, 0, 0 };
            _udpSocket.SetSocketOption(SocketOptionLevel.IP, SocketOptionName.MulticastTimeToLive, 0);
          _udpSocket.SetSocketOption(SocketOptionLevel.IP, SocketOptionName.AddMembership, multicastOpt); //I get an exception here.....

Thanks guys,

UDP in 4.2 seems to have issues, yes, but I don’t know if “known” is how I’d yet classify it; there are definetely issues just not sure if they’re understood enough to report them as known and therefore addressed

UDP is definitely broke in Spider QF2 because it works in Mountaineer Eth Board.

can someone please confirm?

Udp is not working on current SDK but it is fixed already internally.

Ahhhh, Thank you Gus for confirming!