Spider 2 Tinker Kit Not showing as a possible device to deploy to

I went and purchased the FEZ Spider 2 Tinker Set.

I am not able to get the drivers installed. When I plug the system into my laptop, it does not recognizer that there is new hardware. When I do a scan for new hardware, it does not recognize the board either. I am running Windows 7. I tried it on my desktop computer, I am running Windows 10 there, same set up as described below, and got no difference. When looking at the control panel, there is not an additional item under USB or COM Ports.

I have started the SAM-BA 2.12 application, and there is not an option to communicate to the USB, only COM 1. It is also asking for a specific board, which I could not find on the web site or on the board itself. I am not sure if it is required to run this application to start the communication or not. No instructions or explanation is given in the PDF.

I have ran the FEZ Config application, and have gotten no difference. I choose USB, but there is not a device to choose in the device side. I get the following messages:

Failure - Device is not connected or not responding.
There is no device connected or no response from device. Try to Reset or Re-connect your device.

The set up I have is the supplied USB cord connected from my laptop USB port to the power board, with a ribbon cord connecting from the power board to the main board on chip 8. Both the power board and the main board have lit up red lights.


Hi JasonZimmer, welcome to the forum

Can you grab a quick photo of the board and the connector?

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I posted photos of my set up. I hope this helps in troubleshooting the issue(s).

The USB Client EDP Module needs to be connected to Socket 1.

Jason, each Gadgeteer module has a label by the ribbon connector that designates what type of socket it is compatible with on the main board. Also in Visual Studio when you create a project and add your modules and virtually connect them it will show you which connectors a module can be plugged into.

Hi Jason,

as has been mentioned, the socket you plug stuff into is important. The USB Client module needs to be in a socket marked D if it is to perform the full function. Otherwise, all you are connecting is power to the mainboard, which lets you see the LEDs but won’t let you see the device in Device Manager. So plug it into Socket 1 and you should see the driver load in Windows and be able to see it in Fez Config.

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This did fix this issue. I want to say thanks a bunch for the quick response. I chose Spider 2 when choosing a board to begin with, but I had actually chosen a different one. Now that I am using the correct board in the designer, it is working as expected.

Thanks again, there will be a lot more dumb questions down the road. Time to automate my house…

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