Spider 2 stack no/bad firmware

I’m trying to update my spider 2 board ,

my mistake was that I updated the firmware before the tinybooter ,

when i try to update tinybooter I got the following error (see image 1)

now the win 8.1 PC always detected the board as "GHI BootLoader Interface (COM X)

if I connecting trough teraterm I see there is no/bad firmware

please advice me

@ liorbennaim -

That message is shown usually TinyBooter has been updated successfully. it is shown because the board name could not be detected, it can be because installing USB driver takes longer than normal.

If you reset the board, under Device Manager you still see “GHI BootLoader Interface (COM X)”, it can be:

  1. You didn’t push the switch 1,2,3 to OFF.
  2. Data has corrupted when transfer.

Hopefully you are in the first case. That is easy to push those switches to original position.
Worst case is second case. Try to update manually and capture the screen to us.
To update manually:

  • Push switches 1,2,3 to ON
  • Reset the board.
  • Open teraTerm, select the COM port
  • Type ‘E’, a confirmation message to erase will be shown
  • Type ‘Y’. Wait for erasing
  • Type ‘X’.
  • From TeraTerm -> File -> Transfer -> XMODEM -> Send
  • Select 1K option at the bottom
  • Select : C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\NETMF v4.3 SDK\Firmwares\EMX\Loader.ghi