Spider 2: RAM and Flash Test

Hello there! :slight_smile:

I would like to perform a RAM or at least a flash test before the start of my application on the Spider 2. Could anybody tell me if that’s possible? I’m developing a project with high demands on fail safety. Since single bits get corrupted in the memory over time, it’s possible to let my program fail.

My idea is to implement a code section in the bootloader, if that’s possible, which fills the flash completly with data. Afterwards i would compare it and erase it afterwards. For the programm-section i would perform a CRC-Check.

Thanks for your ideas or information in advance :wink:

We already do some checking on our end. As for your application, I think we have the CRC option in the in field update feature that you can use.

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Thanks for your reply Gus!

Can you tell me please, which checks you already do? … if its not a secret :wink:

I’ve checked out the IFU. Since it has to be used during the application is running, it can’t ensure that bits are already corrupted and cause execptions or different behaviour of the IFU itself.
Maybe i’ve got the method CalculateCrc wrong. Can you please provide an example?

Wouldn’t be the tinybooter the best place for a flash test? Since the application isn’t running at the point, where the tinybooter starts its work. But therefore i would need to edit the tinybooter… Could this be done?