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SPI Question


I noticed that the SPI class has a Write method and a WriteRead method.

If a delay is required after the Write before the Read is there a way to accomplish this? Or does the SPI interface have intelligence to support asyncronously waiting for data to be returned from the SPI device??



The way SPI works, it swaps the data between 2 sides so a write will always result in read and this is how WriteRead method works. The Write method simply ignores the data coming back from the device.

See here under operation

Now, if you are writing to a device with BUSY pin, we support that…if you are writing to a device that requires a write then a read with some delay in between then just divide your code to do 2 SPI transfers and add a delay in between…I never seen a case where you need to do this though!


How is the BUSY pin detected as you mention for the SPI Read?



In the SPI configuration there is an option to set the a pin to be the BUSY pin and then set the “busy state” to high or low.