SPI ChipSelects

What are the values of the ChipSelect lines for the 2 SPI ports on the Mikroe bus connectors? I’m using a value of 0, but the CS line on SPI 1 is not transitioning (as measured by my scope).

User need to do Chipselect manually.

0 to tell native driver that user will control it manually, it doesn’t mean pin or index of mikro bus.

Hold up. So I have to toggle chipselect with the GPIO? If zero is manual then is 1 automatic?

No, zero mean manually, 1 mean “exception” :). Alway zero for now.

Then I have to toggle ChipSelect manually before performing SPI transactions?

that is correct.

Since we’re on the topic. Is there anything I should know about SPI Mode? I’m using Mode 3 btw.

I am not sure what you mean, but Mode0,1,2,3 work as expected.

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