SPI and I2C

Are these passthrough? do I hook up the Hat to SPI0?

Which hat and which pins?

@ Gus - Fez hat for rpi2.
If I want to use SPI or I2C, where do i Connect?

Both are labeled right on the hat. Right in the middle.

@ Gus - Thanks, I guess the question was very badly formulated to begin with on my end.
I guess I only wondered if this is a straight pass-through of cable from the pins on the RPI to the middle of the Fez Hat :slight_smile: As for “Where do I connect” question, that was related to the SDK which I hadn’t looked long enough at. For those, I’ll just do what I’ve always done on the RPI, only connect them on the board instead :slight_smile: Sorry for the noise :slight_smile:

Yes straight from the original pins. We just labeled them and made them easier to access.