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Spending the day with the gadgeteer core team


We have spent all day today talking to the .NET Gadgeteer core designers in person, obviously we have spent months talking on the phone before! Those guys are very smart and very creative, by the way.
Talking to these guys in person has really covered a lot of the final little details and I can tell you this, we have some GREAT news coming up shortly. I have no doubt you will love it.

I am only posting this to tease you guys for now :slight_smile: Once we get the “okay”, we will talk more about it.

Seeing many modules for gadgeteer made by different vendors is very exciting. Can you guys imagine how great this will be once we have different manufactures making hundreds of modules for .NET Gadgeteer? All will run on GHI’s FEZ Spider or any other mainboard, from any vendor. Now, that what I say is open source and great ecosystem.



If electronics and NetMF is GHI’s passion, then teasing must be GHI’s hobby, right? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


hahahaha indeed.
Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Does more to come mean we should hold off on ordering a Spider Kit?


No it means you’ll need to buy even more.


Yep, it means buy a couple instead of one!


Just put me down for one of everything you should have my cc memorized by now :smiley: