Speed Showoff

Forgive the horrible video, my regular camera broke and I did this with my phone. Trying to film with one hand and work the demo with the other…not so easy.

None the less, check out the speed of the core :slight_smile:



Very cool!

Sweet, which hardware are you running?

Cobra II + CP7. I get similar results w/ the Hydra. Of course, if I use a T35 the speed only increases. :smiley:

You so crazy! :wink: Looking good!

Have you tried it with VideoOut module at different resolutions?

I’ve got one sitting here, what would you like to see tested?

Nothing in particular :). Just playing with mine VO module at the moment.

I’ll work something up tomorrow and post it. :slight_smile:

@ Skewworks - If I purchase Tinkr 1, does that entitle me to Tinkr 2 as a free upgrade? Or is Tinkr 2 considered an entirely separate product?

Normally we only give put point upgrades but since Tinkr is so new still existing customers will be allowed to upgrade to 2.

Don’t ask my why I’ve never done this before but Tinkr2 now has a ScrollableControl. You can derive from it and it takes care of all the scrolling (including messages and rendering of the scrollbars and auto-hiding the scrollbars) automatically. Ah, makes upgrading all these controls to 2.0 easier. Oh, and you can use it to make custom controls too. :smiley:

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Why haven’t you done this before? :wink:

He said don’t ask! But, why didn’t he do it before?

Probably for the same reason I didn’t have global colors & style settings before…sometimes I like to make things more difficult than they need to be. :smiley:

Check this one out…new checkboxes, dynamically sized fonts that take color and styling from a single global location. Set it once and forget it.



We still need to get a video and images together but Tinkr 2.0 is completely documented (http://www.skewworks.com/api) and now available (http://www.skewworks.com/tinkr)!

If you’re wondering how it stacks up: http://www.skewworks.com/tinkr/compare.php

I’ll be generating free upgrade codes later tonight and getting some sexy pictures and videos of Tinkr2 out this weekend!

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Will enjoy the video for sure :wink:

Yes, it goes straight to a PDF download…are you having issues?

I’ll do some browser tests this weekend. It’s going to be a busy one for me!