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Spectrum Audio on Gadgeteer - Jamming with Bob Marley


Couple of issues, but I’m thinking about posting it as a YouTube Video (well not this video but a better one), what do you think? It uses Justin’s Spectrum module (2 x 7 channels of awesomeness) SDCard, Music Module with Mischa Boender’s driver (, Hydra and 2 LED Matrix modules (yes I know their slow but it was an idea I wanted to try and I had a couple kicking around in my collection).

The original idea was to use a T35 (or TE35 got either) Touch screen with Glide to select tunes to play off the SDCard, but the filestream blows up on the second file, and Glide and the Hydra don’t play nicely together at all and a Spider doesn’t have the jam to go with Bob Marley (oh so looking forward to that G400).

You don’t hear the buzz if you use headphones from the spectrum so it must have something to do with feeding it into my computer.!108

NOTE Get the WHOLE link as the web post truncated the ‘!108’ at the end from the link

Gadgeteer is a BLAST!!!


Very cool!


@ Duke Nukem -



Yea, mon!!! Love it. Love your project too :wink:

(I hope you don’t get into any copyright issues…) :frowning:


@ Duke - Thats really cool.


@ Duke Nukem - Keep earning your pay check :wink:


So I’ll clean up a couple of things that I think I can fix, and see what I can do about building a YouTube vid out of this and that will be my March Gadgeteer vid. Anyone recommend some killer tunes in case YouTube aren’t Bob Marley fans (I’ll have my Rasta Tam on while I’m doing the vid so that should count for something).


Very cool.

I was playing with my Spider (when I had Win7), the same chip Justin is using (only 1 channel as opposed to Justin’s 2 chip solution) and a T35. Seemed like the animation representing the data was a bit quicker.

This may just be related to you having the additional overhead of getting the SD data and playing the audio simultaneously.