Specs of TempHumid SI70 Sensor?

I can’t find the specs of the S170 temp/humidity sensor anywhere. For example, the temperature and humidity ranges, accuracy tolerances, etc…

thanks in advance, Buddy

Hello, this should help:

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Hi there,

I´m designing a device using the SI70 and autodesk fusion 360, but the step file is not present. Can you share the file so I can design my device with it?.


@ r.ricardog - Unfortunately we do not provide step files anymore.

Hi John,

Is there any other way to solve this?. Are there any other sites where I can find this?


@ r.ricardog - What specific information are you looking for?


I´m trying to reproduce the board as part of the Autodesk 360 Fusion tool to design the device that will containg this sensor as one of it´s parts. So, if I don´t have the exact shape in 360 it will cost me more money and time to acomplish this task.


@ r.ricardog - are you talking about the TempHumid sensor module ? Could you not open the Eagle files and play with the Eagle magic to export a 3d representation?