Specifying USB client endpoints

I need to know the endpoint values for the USB interface. At the moment it would seem that I must depend on the system to make these assignments. Is there a way I can specify the endpoint I am reserving?

Look at Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.HardwareProvider class. I believe you can register your own provider which will reserve the pins for different interfaces.

Can you please provide more details on what you are trying to achieve?

He is not talking about pins…that is USB EP.

Townsend, I am not sure if you can specify but why do you need to specify the endpoint? A good design would never tie the design to specific endpoint.

Oh,I have misunderstand the question then. My apologies. :-[

You shouldn’t depend on them. Even the hardware processor itself may not allow you to use certain ones…

I have to interface to a PC application using WinUSB. The WinUSB interface requires I specify pipe values which tie to the micro devices endpoint values. Perhaps there is a way to discover this, but life would be much easier if I could declare them at both ends and be done.

WinUSB offers a mechanism for tracking this information down. I can handle this on the PC.

That would be the best. The reason is that you may use different hardware in future that uses different EP but your software should be able to handle it either way.

There are still issues. There are four endpoints and the rx and tx must be paired properly. Discovery of the numbers is just the first problem. But at least it is doable. Assigning a value in the micro end would be much easier - but what would life be without challenges.