Special Guest:Jason Kridner - BeagleBone & PRU - TechTalk #038

In this episode Special Guest Jason Kridner Co-founder of the BeagleBoard.org Foundation joins us to talk about the Beaglebone and its PRUs (Programmable Real-Time Units)


PRU Demo:

A little echoie, but informative. So a PRU is like a PCI Express card: It has its own independent 32 Bit RISC processor and shared IO with Direct main Memory Access.

@ Mr. John Smith - the main microphone broke down so we had to use the audio from the camera directly. We will be having backups going forward so this would not happen again.

I love my Zoom H1:


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Very interesting, I’ll have to hear the video some more times to really understand all functions you mentioned.
I have the GHI OSD3358 BeagleBone TH Module and suppose that I can use the PRU functions on this board as well, is this rigth? Are the eventually needed pins exposed?

@ RoSchmi - yes you can

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I have asked this question before but can the PRU also be used to create a smart low-power mode, as it might shut down the core processor and look at some pins and check some timing?

shutting down the system completely will wipe out the DDR content so a reset is required. Any system with DDR must continuously refresh memory. I am guessing, no you can’t do that.