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Sparkfun's Free Day 2011 is coming!


Mark your calendars:


Yup, I’ll be there. Sitting in the IRC poking fun at the entire thing… and watching the Fatwallet people trying to take advantage of it, like last year.


This year will be a little different. They have added something where existing customers can choose to take $10 per year they have been a customer instead of the $100. I wonder how that will change things. I know I will probably go for $20 for sure instead of the slim chance at $100.


And, I think you have to answer questions for the $100.


Yes, and this year, you get credit that has to be used within 60 days so there won’t be the rush to hit the order button. You get the chance for either the credit based on years as a customer OR the chance to answer the questions. Here is the link:


That is the same link I posted in my starting message.

Did you mean this one?


I’ll answer the questions. I really hope they are the most difficult EE questions they can come up with, just to spite the people that ruined it for everyone else last year.

Bonus points if they do some variation of the infinite resistor network question.

I’m fully confident that I’ll be able to skirt by with $100 (or maybe very close to it).


No, they say it is very basic. But I agree with you, it was really bad last year.


Also, I hope they IP ban anyone with a Fatwallet HTTP referrer or make it so that it silently denies them the freeday offer… or, the comedy redirect option, which I won’t mention here. :wink:


404s and timeouts ahoy!


Got my $10,- of loyalty :slight_smile:

How did it go for you Chris, did you get your $100,- ?


Goose egg here. Not sure how many times I answered question 1. Anyways was fun pressing f5 for a long time.


Nada. It’s not so much of a sever issue as much as it is a network saturation issue…


I wasn’t able to pass the login screen.


Same here


About to answer the first question… then ziiip!!


I have a feeling that very few people got past the quiz. I have a feeling that most of the money given out was just $10-$50 lump sums.


I could be wrong but I personally feel that the “Free Day” is not a very honest offering.


I really like the way GHI does “free day”! They decide to give away stuff and then people get free stuff.


You guys do need to remember that free day is nothing more than an architecture testing and advertising venture.