'Sparkfun 8x8 LED matrix SPI' working with Domino

I have an older ‘Sparkfun 8x8 LED matrix with SPI backback’ working with the Domino! Its still a work in progress but its working. If you are interested we can figure out out how to get you the source. I need to clean up the code but am impressed at the ease to get it going.


Do you like to share the source on our project website?

Once its cleaned up for sure.


Cleaned up a bit and have about 1/2 of what I want working. Writing to the matrix is simple and works; however reading+writing is proving to be problematic - I have a few more things I want to try before whining for help :wink:

Also, my LED Matrix is running on an older firmware (with limited color setting abilities). Once I get things working as I like I’ll put the new firmware on the LED matrix to get more color capabilities, then test out the driver, etc.


This would make a fun video