Sparkfun 6100 with NETMF

I’m having trouble finding out whether anyone has written a driver/interface for the Sparkfun Nokia 6100 Knock-off (specifically the one mounted on a breakout board, whatever odds that makes).

I’ve just made the transition from Arduino to a FEZ Panda II, but still seem to be struggling to find the information I want. Is there a resource somewhere I should be looking for things like drivers, and support for devices?

There are lots of places to find bits of code, drivers help etc. Have a look on the code site (link at the top of the page too) there are lots of drivers there that may help or can be modified. Also have a look at some other forums like the Netduino forum. Sometimes someone using a netduino has already made a driver which can be really easily adapted to work with the Panda II. I recently did exactly that with an RFID reader. If there is no driver then have a go at writing one yourself and share it on the code site.

Secondly the guys on this forum and GHI themselves are a great resource for help and advice.

and finally Welcome to the community :).

You can get the code from

both use the same LCD controller.