Spanish translation of the book

We have a lot of Spanish speaking customers, anyone interested in translating the ebook to Spanish? If you do, I have a gift for you :wink:

I can help with Russian translation if there is enough interest.


Translation to any language will help make this community larger. We would love to see a Russian translation

What is the source format of the book? What do you use to edit it. Just want to make sure that formatting is as close to English version as possible.

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Hi Gus ,

As a native Spanish speaker I offer to translate the manuals in my language. Need help?



Jordi, there is a $100 coupon if you help. See this please

Jordi if you need help or someone to read what you translate, count on me.

I dont have time to make a full translation of the book because I’m very busy right now but if you have problems or want someone to check, let me know.

Pablo, you do not have to translate the whole book. One chapter or one page is good. Any help you provide is needed :slight_smile:

I use this to translate: Spanish to English
It’s fast and accurate

i can translate into Albanian languange too

The original post was 6 years ago - I suspect this is not something you will need to help with (and I suspect this person’s links are clickbait)

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just read throght archive for funny …

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