Spam alarm!

Looks like we have several spam posts now on the forum:

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - just push the spam button :slight_smile:

So, what does pushing the spam button actually do? I can imagine an alarm going off at the GHI world headquarters, but what happens then?

The post is immediatelly deleted and you get 10 Points. Not sure what happens to the user.

Those spam posts are so cool - I don’t have to write anything to get 10 points!!!

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@ andre.m - Ok :-[ . Now I know. OMG - why did I not see this!?!

That is a very genius way of handling spam I’ve seen by the way. To give forum users incentive to keep it healthy.

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@ Architect - Agree :slight_smile:

At the rate they’re going, I am going to make Master on the backs of the spammers.

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I wonder if there isn’t anything GHI team can do to stop them. It is getting really annoying.

Mark them! Mark them all!!!

Well, they are - they are paying us to mark them - that and preventing newbies from posting links, which makes their efforts pointless, but no less annoying.

Trouble is, since real people (employees of the mechanical turk) are often posting, even CAPTCHA won’t do much. You could have them solve programming problems, which might defeat the mechanical turk humans who are not tech-oriented, but it might also scare away or annoy genuine newbies.

As it is, I like the fact that we are profiting more from the spam than the spammers are.

Most of the Spam I see here are for Kitchen and Furniture sales in the UK. (Please correct me if I mixed up something)
Blocking posts with Kitchen or Furniture can fire backwards if some newby wants to build a Gadgeteer powered Kitchen.
But we could block new users from the UK at all :whistle:
“You are trying to create an account from the UK which is blocked due to heavy spamming. Please contact GHI staff via the Forum to get your account activated manually”

@ mcalsyn - I woudn’t call it “paying”, but I won’t argue here :slight_smile:

I get an impression that other even bigger forums deal with spammers more effectively. I don’t know what exactly they are doing, but what they do works better.

I collected my final points by marking spammers to become The King, so a few occasional spammers is fine by me :whistle:


@ Simon from Vilnius - Just curious, is it very important for you to be a Hero, King, Legend or even higher rank? What does it change?
One could assume that a person with higher rank is more valuable member, but that is not always the case.

@ iamin - It’s just a little perk :whistle:

It matters to me. Quantity isn’t quality, but it does show a certain dedication to the community. Now, that can be a dedication to annoying the community or to helping it, but I think on this forum the correlation between points and constructive contributorship is pretty good.

Does this mean I can write a message and then Spam it, to build up my points.
btw I cant find the spam button… am I being senior?

There it is!