Source Control

Since there seems to be a lot of code sharing going on in this forum, I thought I would ask about source control. This is a broad topic, with equally wide ranging opinions, I’m sure. Do people use codeplex or similar sites for projects larger than a class or two? What does GHI use internally? Is the general practice to contact another forum member(s) directly if SC is warranted? Could something be integrated into Have any previous threads atttempted to tackle the topic?

Thanks for your feedback!

There was a thread and I think Josh mentioned that versioning support is on the list. Until then we have to maintain that individually.

I use SVN (Apache Subversion - Wikipedia).
I have tried several websites, but still find that google code works best for me. (Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.)

I use visualSVN ( for integration into visual studio. Costs a few dollar.
For using visual svn with a SVN server, you will need a svn client, called tortoise SVN ( which is free.

This works absolutely great. We are now in a big project for school, working with 4 people fulltime and 2 people parttime and all our laptops are synced via google code.

I have added my rosvem project on google code too. This way I will not lose any source code anymore and it saves me space on my backups. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Robert - I also use SVN and VisualSVN for ‘real work’ (i.e. work I get paid for) via a third party host (codesion). It’s great, but I’ve found Mercurial better suited to open source efforts. I think both Google and CodePlex offer it now.

@ Architect - This thread was to get a sense of what people are using individually or in small groups. There are enough free SC hosting sites now to make it difficult for an OS developer to keep up if working on more than one or two projects.

It’s good to hear GHI has SC on the to do list. It’s already Frickin Easy, so as long as we can keep it Free and Easy, it’s all good.

BTW - some of the new product brochures now use a slightly more civilized tag line. Whazzup widdat?

@ Eric I guess it depends on what they’re doing. I keep Pyxis and all my other projects on CodePlex; I find it easy enough to maintain.

@ EricH I use SVN and Team Server

I use Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server source control for all of my teams Visual Studio projects. It is included with our msdn licenses. If you don’t subscribe to msdn I am not sure it would be worth the cost.

We use SVN with tortoise for some of our C projects, I just host it on one of my windows servers. Setup was super easy and I like the tortoise UI integration with windows explorer

At my company we use Git for projects in which more than one person is involved. If only one person is editing the code or source control is only needed for code backup/reverse than SVN is enough