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Source control for open source projects


While I like the ‘Open Source’ aspects of being able to share projects, code snippets etc one thing that is currently lacking for true ‘Open Source Projects’, like GAMEO is a shared source control system. While waiting for some updates to finish on my computer I went surfing to see what was available for the express versions of Visual C# and found that there is nothing built into the Express additions. This seems to limit the choices to something like SVN.

Using SVN with TortiseSVN to download and stay in sync with an existing project adding a new project is a goofy, counter intuitive process (why is it that I ‘import’ from my machine to the server?) Of course there are also open source project sites like SourceForge but it can get confusing to have the a project sharing site like and then duplicate some of the same functionality elsewhere.

While I do not know what the answer is I thought it at least prudent to ask the question about source control for open projects. Maybe other folks have some ideas for a workable solution.


Valid point. We thought about making our own project website with built in source control but we are too busy to work on that now so we decided to stick with wiki, which is great for everything we want but no “source control”! The wiki has built in versioning for files but nothing compared to using SVN or CVS.

Maybe there is a source control plug in for media wiki that we can add? Some users made th project on the wiki but then the source was placed on google code. This is an option but ideally we would have source control right into the wiki.


I just found this:, a quick glance over looks like it might be promising but I’ll have to read it in more detail when this blasted headache of mine subsides…


For the local side, I use Subversion + TortoseSVN + AnkhSVN. I have my subversion server running on a Ubuntu 9.10 server edition machine.

One thing you need to remember is that without a Professional version of Visual Stduio, you cannot install any addons, like a different source control system. All of your SVN function would have to be done via TortoseSVN, which is kludgey with VS, IMO.


I was just poking around over at Codeplex and it looks like they are moving from their own source control system to SVN. The projects now automatically have a URL to access them via SVN now.They have a SVNBridge that client that can be used or more simply you can just access the project directly via its SVN URL.

I’ll try and add a project on CodePlex for my cable tester and see how it works out.


Once you understand that the reference place is the server (the repository, to be precise) and not your computer, you will find that “Import” has a very good meaning :wink:
I know it may be weird to think that way, but the small effort needed is worth the great capabilities of such a tool.

Unless the project is big/complex or has many branches, I think it’s only a matter of 1-2 clicks to update the repository or your PC.
But of course, it’s more intuitive if integrated in the IDE, which is indeed not available with Express editions of VS, as you’ve noticed.