Source code for BlinkPandaLED

Hello there,

I would like to try out some native programming on the Panda. The Porting manual gives a fairly good description on how to flash. (I think) And it suggests to flash a BlinkPandaLED program. Excellent! But I would also like to compile the program myself. (That’s a crucial part of the learning process as well.)
I cannot find the source code for BlinkPandaLED anywhere though.

Does anyone have an ANSI C Blink example, that’s been verified on the Panda?

If you are learning then why not just use netmf? It is much better and easier than native programing

“learning” might be a bit unnuanced. I’m a rather experienced professional high level developer and I’m a somewhat experienced embedded developer. (We only have experience from embedded platforms such as Blackfin, Pic and Renesas.) We have no real experience with ARM though. (Which is why we’re a bit curious.) What my experience does tells me though, is that embedded code can be very different from platform to platform.

To build a BlinkPandaLED program, I would most likely have to find a GPIO driver of sorts. Or build one myself. Or perhaps it’s I2C. Or perhaps it’s just raw register writes. As for the LED address I could hope for a match with the ones supplied for the Panda netmf. It’s likely but not certain. It might also help to find a delay-function. And few other basic good-to-have functions. I would also have to find an entry stub somewhere. And prolly also some sort of memory layout file. And since the Panda is not meant for native ARM development, it hasn’t got a community or help documentation in this regard.
It could take me weeks to get all the basics in place. It would be more effecient just to buy another (real) ARM development board instead. But we don’t want to do ARM development. We’re just curious. And it would take us 10 … perhaps 30 seconds to learn all of the above, if we had access to the source of BlinkPandaLED… That would be FEZ :wink:

I assume the silence means you’re not giving out your BlinkPandaLED source.

How about another small “Hello World” sample then? One that doesn’t contain company secrets.

Your Panda advertising does mention something in the line of “JTAG = NATIVE = GOOD !!!”. So 1 small sample would be a nice gesture, I think. :slight_smile:

What you are asking for is something that would be nice to have but since it is not a requirement, it is not a priority

By the way, NXP offers many examples on thier website. Did you check?

NXP have a sample that will write to a LED on the Panda?

No, I didn’t think that ARM code were that generic, but I will check.

This is beyond the scope of our support but I will help :slight_smile:

Here you go

Got it from this page NXP® Semiconductors Official Site | NXP Semiconductors

You have the panda schematics so you know where everything is connected. For further help, please contact NXP directly.

@ Illishar : the fille “Do_NOT_use_will_erase_firmware.GHI” doesn’t work at the moment so you’ll have to wait for GHI to release a working one… Before that it will be impossible to deploy native code to Panda.


Correct, we want to release that file along with a little package (with porting book) to get you moving forward. Including some source code examples if necessary.

But you do not have to wait. You can send the board to have it erased or order a new one and indicate that you want it blank in order notes.

Of course we are doing our best to get this completed ASAP so we appreciate your working with us.

Yeah, I also found the above sample package. It’s written for the Keil MCB2300 board though. (Still, seems generic enough.)

… but I think I’ll wait for a working “Do_NOT_use_will_erase_firmware.GHI” and a porting book with “source code examples”. I’m not that impatient :wink:

Thanks anyway.