Sometimes you get a surprise

I found in the garage this piece of hardware (look at photo!!). It’s a bit obsolete hardware, but running really fine.
I didn’t even know to own one of this old Samsung Q1 ! :smiley:

It’s running XP Tablet edition, on a Celeron 900Mhz CPU with 1GB RAM, 60GB HD (amazing 2,5" jewel), WiFi, Bluetooth, Cable Ethernet, USB 2.0, touch screen, touch pen, some joystick-like buttons … It’s very well equipped, but not really a roadrunner …

Mhhh… I think will be interesting as control data display and data collector from FEZzes…

Would I try a win 7 upgrade ? Or IT’s better to go to Linux, Android and so on? Mhh …I stay on XP ?

@ dobova - At those specs, you fall just below Win7 ability, even if drivers/build for it exists. It would depend on what you’re looking at doing. If you want to streamline everything to the point you are removing unnecessary kernel mods, then go with Linux. If you just want to start playing right away, stay with XP, but with a strong recommendation towards Linux still since XP is discontinued.

Personally, I would run Linux just so my device stays up to date with the latest security patches etc.

You are reasonably right … I can upgrade RAM to 2GB (it sports one DDR2 SODIMM module and I’ve one spare here around) … May be it can help. 8)
I see that Samsung supports Windows Vista on this hardware ! Amazing brave guys !!!

If it works with Vista then it should be ok with win7. You can normally use the Vista drivers. Not sure it’s worth the cost of the licence though.

Win7 generally runs better than Vista on any given hardware. It’s definitely nicer and more stable, too, but the license isn’t free.

I think win7 will run on this.

If Win7 then why not Win8? My experience has been that they run about the same on the same hardware. Win8 seems to boot faster, though. Drivers will likely be a problem, though.

me too, just a bit slow

I think the major disadvantage in using Win7 over Win Vista is that, although they were not far apart, multi-core processors were prevalent enough during the release of Win7 to consider them ‘standard’ in personal computing. I would assume that a great deal of the kernel has been optimized to accommodate this.

I saw some YouTube video and it seems that it can work with seven, with usable speed. Now I have upgraded to 2gb ram and it run lot better in xp.
I will make some test with seven next days. I’ve tested with some framework 2.0 and 3.5 programs and in Xp it is satisfactory.

I’ve seven licenses for the rig.

I’m fairly confident that there’s no hardware that Vista will run on that Win7 wouldn’t run better on. That’s certainly been my experience.

Well, I’m only going by current hardware available at the time of each individual release. Vista had rocked me to the core with how many issues it had coming out of the gate so I had stayed with XP for my Windows portion until Win8.

XP was unbelivieble stable at least on my field in industrial application world. But Win 7 is good enough to try.
I’m now takeing a look at Windows Embedded Compact 7 or 2013 … mhh I will see if I can assemble correct BSP with all the drivers needed on the Q1, like touch, lcd, ethernet and wifi.

Vista indeed was unstable. It’s the Windows ME of the NT-derived versions. I ran 7 on the exact same hardware I ran Vista on (Vista for only a year or so, I think), and it ran 7 easily better than Vista.

it’s almost a bad and a good cycle…

3.1 was ok

98 was ok

NT40 was stable

2000 was stable

XP was ok

7 was stable

So 9 will be ok again? :smiley:

You left out NT3.5 and Windows ME. Also, remember that ME was a completely different thing than NT4.0… they’re both called “Windows” but they are completely different products…

Win 8 isn’t stable?

I understand people having “issues” with the UI, but imo, as an OS it’s much more betterer than Win7.

nobody has mentioned Vista? ???

@ mhectorgato - Yea… 8 is ok but then theory of a good - bad - good version would be failing :wink:

Most people would say that 8 failed due to the UI, so it still works. 8)

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