Something like EVE, but different

An interesting project:

I hope it will be better than EVE. Actually, it is hard to be worse than EVE…

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Sounds like TFT + Glide or similar, but over Serial interface.
I don’t see what’s so very special about this :think:

Interesting, can you elaborate on what is bad with EVE? I’ve never had the opportunity to work with it, maybe I was lucky?

EVE: the price is great, the idea is great, features are great, but it is simply a rushed product. Documentation is bad, API is overcomplicated, and the whole thing is just plain messy. Of course, it may be ok for an average embedded C developer, but I work with C#, I’ve got some elevated expectations :slight_smile:

One of those projects where software is the weakest part.

Like, for example, it is frickin’ cheap? We use Korean-made serial TFT panels that are terrible at what they do yet still costing some $300+…

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@ Simon from Vilnius - You’re right, Looks nearly unbelievable cheap.
I wonder what the drawback is then!?
Why can they sell intelligent touch displays way cheaper then others sell plain TFT’s?

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Well, it is resistive, not capacitive touch to start with. I’ll let you know of any other less than desirable attributes once mine gets here :slight_smile: If it works as advertised, it will be perfect for prototyping a little side project I’ve been thinking about.

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Very interesting! Cheap too!

Powerful as well.

Hi Guys…

I am member of the Nextion team.

Why it is cost-effective?

  • Mature supply chain
  • We plan to sell a large quantity that apportionment of R&D expenses to each device should be low.

It’s powerful as well. 100% work as advertised.

Yep, this is an advertise as well. :smiley:

Retail price will be higher than current price. But, anyway, it’s just “a bit higher” than current price.


New Feature on Nextion Editor – auto upgrade
Translate to English before release.

@ jerryshi - When you are making this one with capacitive touch I will buy one for testing!


@ njbuch

At this stage, the first and most important thing is.

  • provide good quality enough 2.4’’ and 4.3’’ screens
  • provide user friendly Nextion Editor

After all these things are done, we will seriously consider the CTP, as well as high speed SPI interface for projects like Spectrum Analyzer.
It’s in the long term schedule.

What kind of long term?

@ njbuch -

To be honestly, I have no idea at this stage.
But we received much feedback requesting the CTP screen.

Now we have 2.4’’ and 4.3’’, then 5’’ and 7’’. After that, we will consider the CTP.
How long? I guess we should start the project in half a year.

if nothing else, thanks for coming along and contributing to our education on your offering!

( Personally, if I was buying a 5" or 7" device, I wouldn’t look at one that “only” had a resistive touch panel )

@ jerryshi - personally I am only interested in CTP screens larger than 4.3" in size. I will be watching with interest.

I backed this project (thanks @ Simon from Vilnius) and received this display a few weeks ago. This weekend I took some of my free time to developed managed Micro Framework driver. It is available on code share ( and Codeplex (

I’m must say I like this display. It is best suitable for modules with low RAM, like Cerberus, which I used to develop this driver. I’m sure I’m going to use it in my next home project. I hope someone else will find this driver useful.