Someone tried uploading a JPG picture to a web-service?

I am considering a new project with a camera a pir sensor and a gsm module to upload pictures when an animal passes by.

I am considering several picture web-services flickr, twitter etc, or building something on Azure.

Any ideas, or experiences?

You need the serial camera a it outputs a JPEG image.

Right, sorry for not clarifying that I was thinking about the L2 serial camera and an SD card to store some miniatures and other data.

Using Azure will enable you to use DPWS, which will then make simplier the upload of the image, and the use of more complex structure classes.

Sounds interesting, I didnt dare touching that yet, any code to share? Its only working on the newest SDK right?

DPWS is present for long, but not used so much as it requires some ressources (DPWS is more verbose than pure TCP).

I effectively have some code on that somewhere… I’ll have a look at tomorrow and if I get it, post on code share…asap…

On second thougths I am thinking that DPWS is not possible (or feasible) over a GSM connection?

Other ideas?

It depends on what type of GSM connection you’re talking about.

  • If you only want to use basic features with your GSM, you should have a look on MMS,
  • If you want to take profit of DATA and/or VPN, then you should be able to work around DPWS.

Be careful that if you use an Ethernet Connected GSM, SMS and/or MMS wont be available, and on the other side, if you use an USB or even Serial connected GSM, all the TCP stuffs wont be available, which of course include DPWS…