Someone is making FEZ Hacker, a netduino with more IOs?!

All the way from India, I see a company making FEZ Hacker

It is exciting to see a proof-of-concept of open-source-DIY-FEZ from our porting book coming to life, but note that this is NOT an official GHI product. Since this board has same processor as netduino, SAM7, it can be a nice replacement for netduino’s limited IOs. Plus this board is made with EAGLE so making hardware changes is accessible. The software is also open source and it is already in the PK. The book explains how to build it.

It has been long time sine we published FEZ Hacker files and since then there has been a lot of new microcontroller offers. So stay tuned to see what is new from GHI 2012.

I was thinking about making some modifications to Fez Hacker, but I will wait to see what is next.

Is FEZ not a GHI trademark?