Some XBee questions

Hi all,

I am busy with a project were i want to send bitmap images from my Cobra2 board to a computer via two XBee 2 modules.

This is what i have so far:

  • Cobra 2 board
  • One XBee 2mW Series 2 connected via the ghi xbee board
  • One XBee 2mW Series 2 connected via usb to the computer

I use the Xbeeclient code from codeplex

Both the xbees i have configured via xctu as router api.

Now everything works i can send messages front and back from both sides. But one thing fails evertime and that is that big data packages aren’t being send over. So my goal of sending bitmaps is failing is there somebody that has experience with Xbeeclient code and can help me with this problem

Thank you.

How are you handling the breaking up of the image file to meet the packet size of the Xbee protocol?

I’ve not look at the library code yet but does it do this for you or do you need to do this in your code?

Hi Dave,

It seems that the code should manage this taks for me it has methods to send bitmap files and large array files. Is there maybe a start or end to a message with the xbee that i should take care of ?

If you have just 2 nodes, should’t be better having one as end device and the other as a coordinator?