Some suggestions for the outrageouscircuits website:

Sorry, not saying this in a negative way… just trying to convey some suggestions which came up while I was looking at the website as a newbie :

  1. On the page there is a sentence that reads “Support is available on GHI Electronics’ mbed forum within the community section of the website.” But when you click the link it brings you to the main GHI forum where its not so clear what is the “mbed” forum. Rather call it “Outrages Circuits Forum” and let the link point to this section of the forum.

  2. It is cool to list some examples like the USB prank one. But the website does not make it clear that the sourcecode for this is available and how to get to it or anything. For a total newby who is just curious it is all very vague.

Thanks for the digressions. We are actually waiting for mbed to release the next sdk with our platform and then wet will work on many fixes and changes.

Your suggestions are now added as well.

As Gus said we have our mbed page setup with examples, etc, as soon as the new SDK comes out everything will be linked with those pages and that will address most of what has been brought up.