Some start problems

Hi together. i am new at this board. i am an software engineer for years but have not realy skills in hardware programming and microcontroller. i bought a fez spider and some gadgeteer modules and other some other sensors to build me a little robot. now i have two problems… i have wrote me some drivers for some sensors i have like the vcnl4000 sensor. i get the correct ambilight value but for the proximite i get values between 2800 and 18000. the number more increased if i decreased the range betwwen me and the sensor. did anyone know how i can convert this to cm? i think the output is correct but dont know how i convert this. my other question is: it is posible to connect two spi modules on one socket? perhaps with a breakboard and extender modul? want to put the gadgeteer music modul and the oled display on one “S” Port.

i know this was not very clear what i describe but if try to give the right anwsers if you ask me more about :wink:

thanks for the quick anwser.
perhaps someone has experience with the ghi gadgeteer music modul and the oled display on one spi port?